My Indesit fridge/ freezer is noisy

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It is not uncommon, especially on new appliances, to hear certain system noises as the gas within the Indesit fridge circulates around the internal pipe work. These noises will often soon diminish and are nothing to be alarmed about.

A sharp cracking sound from within your fridge can usually be attributed to the build up of frost on your internal fridge components being dealt with by the auto-defrost facility.

Causes of noise:
The pump/compressor motor – Normal
Pipework virbrating against the wall – Check the position
Gas circulationg inside pipes –… Read more »

My Indesit freezer seems to run all the time

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Your Indesit freezer is designed to achieve lower operating temperatures than a separate refrigerator so it will appear to run for longer than an adjacent refrigerator.

Your Indesit Freezer will run for as long as is required to achieve the correct operational conditions whilst consuming the minimum of energy during this process.

Why your Indesit freezer may appear to run for longer:
Position - Is it near a heat source i.e. Cooker, Window, Heater or is it the time of year?
Ventilation - Is there enough air circulation around the cabinet exterior – Check the position

It… Read more »

My Indesit Frost-Free fridge/ freezer seems very noisy compared to my old fridge/ freezer

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Your modern Indesit frost-free appliance utilises a series of internal and external fans during its normal operation so there will be a slight increase in the operating noises. This is quite normal so do not worry if you hear one or two different sounds than those you heard with your old appliance.

: In the interest of consumer safety, any adjustments, alterations or spare parts should only be made or fitted by a suitably qualified and competent person with the machine disconnected from the mains supply.