How To Set Your Cooker Timer

Setting a cooker timer

In by Liam Page


How to set your Indesit cooker or oven timer

Sometimes, if you haven’t got the timer set on your oven or cooker, it can stop it from working altogether. Resolve that with our easy to follow video!


Video transcript:

Hello my name’s Alan.  I am a senior technician with Indesit company.  I have over fifteen years experience helping customers with their cookers.  At Indesit Company we design and manufacture our appliances to provide many trouble free years of service to our customers, but there also a few things you can do yourself to help ensure your appliance operates to its full potential or to help resolve any common user issues. 

This film covers how to deal with setting your cooker clock.  Perhaps your cooker is brand new and newly installed or you’ve had a power cut and just need to change the time. 

How you will know there’s a problem: usually the display could be flashing or the auto light could be on steady.  This will not allow the main oven fan or light to operate correctly. 

Here we have the six button timer – to set the cooker timer press and hold the second and third bottom and then use the plus or minus button to set the relevant time.  Once the appropriate time is set, let go of the buttons and you can turn the main oven on and you can see the light and hear the fan operating.  Now we have the three button timer. To select the time press the middle button until the clock symbol is displayed.  Press the plus and minus button to select the correct time and press the middle button to set. 

If you’re still experiencing problems please refer to your user handbook which can also be downloaded from the user handbook section on our web site.  Remember, spares can also be obtained from our website, as well as care products for a range of kitchen appliances.  Just to recap it depends on whether you have a three or six button timer.  Please refer to the detailed instructions shown earlier in this video.