How To Store Food in a Frost Free Fridge

Correct food storage

In by Liam Page


How to store food correctly in your Indesit fridge

Watch our easy to follow video if you’ve ever wondered why you get water in the bottom of your Indesit fridge or salad bins and how to resolve the issue.


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Hello my name’s Alan.  I am a senior technician with Indesit company.  I have over fifteen years experience helping customers with their refrigeration appliances.  At Indesit Company we design and manufacture our appliances to provide many trouble free years of service to our customers, but there also a few things you can do yourself to help ensure your appliance operates to its full potential or to help resolve any common user issues. 

This film covers how to deal with correct storage of food stuffs in a frost free freezer.  Frost Free fridges are a great invention because you don’t have to defrost your fridge.  Because of the way they work they will remove moisture from uncovered foods.  Firstly this dries the food out but the moisture removed can also collect in the freezer section causing ice to build up and sometimes affecting the performance of the appliance.  In some cases this can prevent the fridge from getting cold at all.  What to do:  If you get into the practice of storing food in air tight plastic containers or wrap with foil or cling film, the problem will be resolved. 

If you are still experiencing problems please refer to your user handbook which can also be downloaded from the user handbook section on our website. Remember spares can also be website as are care products for a range of kitchen appliances.

Recap:  Ensure all food items are covered.