Cleaning a dispenser

In by Liam Page

How to remove and clean your Indesit dispenser drawer

Have a look at our easy step by step guide showing you how to remove and clean the dispenser drawer in your Indesit appliance, helping to prevent an unnecessary breakdown.


Video transcript:

Hello my name’s Alan. I am a senior technician with Indesit company. I have over fifteen years experience helping customers with their washing machines. At Indesit Company we design and manufacture our appliances to provide many trouble free years of service to our customers, but there also a few things you can do yourself to help ensure your appliance operates to its full potential or to help resolve any common user issues.

This video covers how to deal with removing your washing machine dispense drawer. Your appliance will have one of two types: hinged and pull out drawer.

How you will know there is a problem: water is being left in the fabric conditioner compartments. You might also want to remove the dispenser for general cleaning purposes.

If you have the hinged type dispenser drawer on your appliance: to remove the dispenser drawer, firstly open the dispenser drawer until it locks. Then, gently push the dispenser drawer up and release the locking catch. Once that is done, this will allow you to then remove the dispenser drawer from the front of the drawer itself.  You will then need to remove the blue syphon and clean here, here and here. Once the dispenser drawer is clear, refit the blue syphon and proceed to align the dispenser drawer back onto the drawer front until a click is heard and close the dispenser drawer.

If you have the pull out dispenser drawer: to remove for cleaning, pull the dispenser forwards, depress the locking catch and  pull forward to remove. Once cleaned, to refit the dispenser drawer just lie the dispenser drawer back into position. For dispenser drawers without a locking catch, position your hands in the following position and pulll the dispenser forwards to remove. To refit the dispenser drawer, realign the dispenser and just with a gentle tap, push the dispenser drawer all the way back. 

If you’re still experiencing problems, please refer to your user handbook which can also be downloaded from the user handbook section of our website. Remember, spares can also be obtained from our website as well as care products for a range of kitchen appliances. 

Recap: If it is the hinged type dispenser,  hinge open the drawer and press to release the catch, slide off the drawer front. If it is the pull out dispenser, pullout the drawer, press to release the catch. Rinse under tap, then replace the dispenser drawer.