How To Remove and Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

Dishwasher filter

In by Liam Page

How to remove and clean your Indesit dishwasher filter

Have a look at our easy step by step guide showing you how to clean the dishwasher filter in your Indesit appliance, helping to prevent an unnecessary breakdown.


Video transcript:

Hello my name’s Alan.  I am a senior technician with Indesit company.  I have over fifteen years experience helping customers with their dishwashers.  At Indesit Company we design and manufacture our appliances to provide many trouble free years of service to our customers, but there also a few things you can do yourself to help ensure your appliance operates to its full potential or to help resolve any common user issues.

This video covers how to clean your dishwasher filter.

How you will know there is a problem – poor wash results, food residue still present and sandy deposits at the end of the cycle. This issue is usually caused by a blocked filter.

To clean the dishwasher filter, firstly open the dishwasher door and remove the lower basket and place it to one side safely. Rotate the centre filter anticlockwise and lift out. You can then remove the mesh filter afterwards. There is also a central filter within the cylindrical which needs two tabs pushing and lift clear.

Once the filter has been removed, please check the sump for any larger food deposits that may have fallen down into the sump area. To clean the filter of the dishwasher, first remove any larger food deposits from the filter by shaking it into the dust bin. Then, wash both filters in warm soapy water and if there is any fat residue on any other filters, use boiling water and pour across the filter itself to remove fat residue.

Once cleaned, replace it back into the dishwasher. Once the dishwasher filters are cleaned, place them in reverse.  Slide the stainless steel mesh filters first, and then locate the central filter, rotate it clockwise until it locks into position. If you’re still experiencing problems, please refer to your user handbook which can also be downloaded from the user handbook section of our website.  Remember, spares can also be obtained from our website as well as care products for a range of kitchen appliances.

Recap: Remove basket. Lift out filters. Check sump. Separate and rinse filters. Replace back into appliance.